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Enable unprecedented document control and insight for your business, department or team.

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Document Control, Without the Hassle.

Stop spending your time constantly structuring and organising your projects


Configure a template folder structure once and get your projects synchronised.

Create user groups and ad hoc user lists on the fly with precisely the right levels of access.

Remove ambiguity about where to put documents by enforcing clear project based conventions.

Consolidate your various document stores into a single shared and structured repository.

End the file server Chaos.

SonarDocs has the features you need to get organised, without the steep learning curve.

Upload in an Instant

Simply drag and drop files or an entire folder at once to get started with Sonar. Individual file sizes up to an impressive 5GB.

Familiar folder based structure

A minimal learning curve using concepts such as projects, folders and user groups.

Version Control & Approval Workflows.

Keep track of every change made to every document, send approval requests to your colleagues to ensure documents are only made visible once an approval is granted.

Full Text Search

Instantly search across all your projects and document content using our advanced search technology.

Advanced Sharing & Collaboration

Set precise access rights to your content by assigning role based permissions to your folders. Use public and private links with optional automatic expiration times to share documents.

Preview Online

Seamlessly browse through your content online with streamlined previews for all common file formats.

Automatic Archiving

Sonar uses Amazon S3® to durably store files redundantly across multiple tier 1 datacenters, we also leverage Amazon Glacier® to archive every uploaded document permanently.

End to End Security.

All communication is sent over a secure, SSL encrypted connection. All files are encrypted with AES 256 at rest.

Track All Activity

Every Event that a user can perform from Uploads, Downloads and Previews to modifications of Projects and Folders is logged and searchable.

"Sonar gives us clarity across hundreds of projects within dozens of different countries"

Richard Hamilton, Sandals Resorts International

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